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Picture of Southern Indiana Propane Bulk Plant, July 2023

Directions to Southern Indiana Propane's Office:

Southern Indiana Propane, Ackerman Oil, and QYCCO AOK Co Inc all share the same corporate office.

From the South:

From I-64, take exit # 57 onto US 231 North. Go approximately 12 miles North on US 231 to Jasper, IN. The first stop light on the South edge of Jasper is the Junction of SR 162. You will see a Sunoco Fuel Stop at this intersection. Turn Right (East) on SR 162. Make an immediate right onto Lube Way, and continue South to the grey warehouse at the bottom of the hill.

From the North:

You will come into Jasper on US 231. Stay on US 231 to the South edge of Jasper. The last stop light is the Junction of SR 162. You will see a Sunoco Fuel Stop at this intersection. Turn Left (East) on SR 162. Make an immediate right onto Lube Way, and continue South to the grey warehouse at the bottom of the hill.

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Filtered HD-5 Propane

Southern Indiana Propane purchases only HD-5 Propane, the best grade available. To provide an extra level of quality assurance to our customers, we filter every gallon. The use of filtration at all transfer points polishes the propane to remove any impurities that may have been picked up in the transportation of the product from its source to the bulk storage tanks of Southern Indiana Propane. As a leader in safety and quality, we believe that it is important to do all we can to supply our customers with the most reliable and cleanest form of energy, then filter it to provide many years of trouble free operations.

We strive to bring our customers peace of mind through the best safety practices in our marketing area and the delivery of the cleanest and best fuel we can provide. Others may occasionally have a cheaper price, but are you also receiving a cheaper product that burns less efficiently and leaves deposits in your propane equipment that shortens its life? Our attention to quality helps to provide the safest environment for cooks and the food they are preparing by reducing the potential for impurities in the vapors of combustion. Southern Indiana Propane won't take shortcuts with your safety or the quality of the propane that we provide.

For more information, please call and ask to speak to a propane professional.

Payment Options

Due 15th Prox - If credit approved, you may qualify to receive a prompt payment discount when paying in full on or before the 15th of the month.

Credit Card - Mastercard, Visa, and Discover Card are accepted but may be subject to a convenience fee.

Automatic Bank Draft - Never miss a prompt payment discount when you take advantage of automatic electronic payments originated by our office.

Budget Billing - Spread your payments over 11 months beginning June 15 of each year, with settlement occurring in May.

Pay in Advance - Receive your prompt payment discount up front when you pay in advance.


When you choose our company to be your propane dealer, you not only receive a great product at a competitive price, you also get the benefit of our employee's many years of experience in keeping your family comfortable, safe, and warm. Our employees receive training on a regular basis to be sure that we meet or exceed industry standards.

Our competitive annual service agreement includes costs to furnish and maintain the propane tank and stage one regulator, as well as provide periodic service and inspection of critical system components.

Propane is commonly used to heat our homes and the versatility of propane makes it the preferred energy source for so many other things that make our life comfortable. Grills, cook stoves, clothes dryer, pool heater, gas log, portable space heaters, and even standby generators that keep the lights on when the power grid lets us down.

Southern Indiana Propane offers many options for storage of propane at customer locations:


From farrowing houses to brooder houses, propane is the fuel of choice. From grain drying to stand-by generator power, propane shows its versatility. Large or small, we can help you design your distribution system for proper and safe performance.

Industrial / Commercial

Industrial / Commercial Customers use propane to provide efficient, clean burning power for forklifts, floor scrubbers, buffers, and a host of other specialized applications.

We are one of this area's largest suppliers of exchange cylinders for forklifts. Our program saves you time and money while providing third party inspection of containers. Your insurance provider may have concerns with on site refueling of cylinders and your pocketbook may not like all of the hidden costs of on site refueling. Let us help you toward a safe and cost effective cylinder exchange program.

What is CGX-4®

CGX-4® is a highly effective additive for propane engine fuel that improves the burning characteristics of LP-gas for better performance and economy. Much like detergent additives in gasoline keep your engine free from gunk, CGX- 4’s® unique cleaning power removes harmful deposits and prevents future buildup of long chain hydrocarbons and other contaminants that cause combustion problems, inadequate upper end lubrication, and pre-ignition in the combustion chamber. Costly repairs and downtime are greatly reduced.

View / Download CGX-4® Brochure (PDF)

How does CGX-4® work?

CGX-4® has combustion-improving compounds that minimize pre-ignition in the combustion chamber prior to spark plug ignition of the fuel mixture. it also provide a more even burn upon ignition, increasing the efficiency of fuel combustion. Results include: higher pressures in the combustion chamber, increased power, more efficient fuel economy, and a very significant reduction in carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust gasses.

LPG often causes a buildup of long chain hydrocarbons in the engine’s vaporizer and carburetor systems. As buildup increases, the fuel does not vaporize effectively. The emulsifiers in CGX-4® slowly soften and remove buildup, which can interfere with engine operation. This oil-soluble substance holds insoluble foreign matter in suspension so the heavy ends are carried through the vaporizer and carburetor and are burned during the combustion process. A surfactant takes care of free water found in most LPG by dispersing the water and other liquid impurities into colloidal-size particles in the LPG. The emulsifier retains the suspension through to final ignition, after which it is expelled with the exhaust gas.

CGX-4® components lubricate the moving parts in the top of the combustion chamber that are not lubricated by crank case oil. This top oil is not completely vaporized in the combustion chamber because of its high flash point of 425°F (218°C). This results in a light film coating to the cylinder walls, rings, and valves. The added lubrication increases engine efficiency, reduces operating temperatures, and prolongs engine life. Another noted benefit is extended life to all diaphragms, gaskets, and rubber parts due to the permeation and conditioning effects of top-oil.


If you suspect a gas leak - please leave your house immediately, and do not turn on or off any light switches as you exit - call us from a neighbor's phone or cell phone after you are outside.

If you are our typical customer, we understand that you place the safety and health of your family above all else. We, the employees of Southern Indiana Propane, have families too and share your convictions. Because of this, we understand that safety first must be Job 1, Job 2, Job 3, and every job thereafter. Whether it is our adherence to always performing a leak check when there is a service interruption, to providing system inspections, to providing a test of air quality with our sensitive specialized equipment that can detect propane and carbon monoxide, we take the business of safely providing energy very seriously.

In addition, we offer propane safety training for your business to help employees to safely identify and use propane, and what steps to take in an emergency.

Call Before You Dig

Digging blindly can be dangerous and expensive. When you plan to dig, the law requires that you phone the Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service (formerly "Holey Molely") by dialing 811.

Southern Indiana Propane will also be happy to come out and locate our underground lines. Please call us at least two (2) business days before you plan to dig.

Safety Infographics

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Safety Data Sheets

Click for propane safety data sheet (SDS) from Crestwood

Other Propane Safety Resources

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